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Power Washing – St Louis Area – Best Pricing! Best Quality!

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Home, Deck, Concrete


St Louis House Painting offers:

excellent results

quality workmanship

best pricing for power washing


call today 314-520-4440


We can effectively
clean & remove…
• Dirt & Grime
• Mold & Mildew
• Rust Stains
• Oil Stains
• Algae Growth
• Discolorations
• Graffiti & More!
…from a variety of
exterior surfaces:
• Vinyl & Aluminum Siding
• Brick & Masonry
• Driveways & Sidewalks
• Shingle Roofs
• Gutter Exteriors
• Porches & Patios
• Wood Decks, Fences & More!



Town and Country, Painter, painting, house, home, interior, exterior, FREE QUOTE

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Town and Counry Home Painter – Interior Painting — quality at affordable pricing!

Huntleigh House Painter – Exterior Painting

power washing

scraping of pealing paint

priming of bare wood

quality paints at no additional charges!

C ALL 314-520-4440



{{Chesterfield, Clayton, Des Peres, Florissant, PAINTER, PAINTERS,}} 314-520-4440

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St Louis House Painting painters provide quality painting at best pricing using premium products, FREE QUOTE!


Whether you live in Chesterfield, Clayton, Des Peres,  or Florissant

We should be your first choice whether you are wishing interior or exterior painting.

For a dramatic new look for the interior of your home!

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St Louis House Painting is the leader in creativity.

Call us for a FREE COLOR CONSULTATION, 314-520-4440


Talk about dramatic!

We are the most creative!

St Louis House Painting … for dramatic see us! 314-520-4440

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Tired of the same old wall colors and wall treatment…. We are CREATIVE

St Louis House Painting serving the St Louis Area since 1975!


St Louis House Painting Suggests you hire a professional painter!

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It pays to hire a professional

It pays to hire a professional


Great Colors to Consider Using – Restoration Hardware

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St Louis House Painting would like you to consider Restoration Hardware’s colors

Silver Sage, Sea Green, and Blue Sage


Chesterfield House Painter

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St Louis House Painting is your only call 314-520-4440

Quality workmanship

Train union professional painters

The lowest price guaranteed

Wood repair/replacement as needed


See our website for more details!


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MAXUM®4+ 100% Acrylic Satin House & Trim Paint Low Temperature Cure with Ultimax Formulation is an extremely durable, premium quality exterior satin house paint formulated for use down to surface and air temperatures of 35°F. MAXUM®4+ is ideally suited for use on properly prepared new and previously painted exterior wood, aluminum, hardboard siding, primed metal, asbestos and masonry surfaces. On all exterior siding and trim, weathered aluminum, vinyl siding and cement-asbestos siding, masonry and stucco, properly primed ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

We have an exclusive on this fantastic paint!  YES, ST LOUIS HOUSE PAINTING ONLY!

Not only are we the best applicators in the St Louis Area,,,,but we have an exclusive on this fantastic product which will provide you with years of great service.

Contact us…..St Louis House Painting….314-520-4440

Our competitors get reviews we never get! St Louis Painting

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Fortunately St Louis House Painting never has gotten comments like the following from our customers!

If you use this company, make sure to verify all materials to be used and all the specifics.  Make no assumptions.

They never contacted me back.

Used a flat paint instead of stain, didn’t prime bare wood, missed a lot of place

One year later most of the paint was coming off one deck and the other needed touch up

I didn’t have any major complaints with them.

They did not do a good job of preparation and painted over mildew.


I was surprised at what a slap-dash job I got. There was very little surface preparation, besides caulking in some areas, even though cleaning dirt and sanding were on my contract. Plaster repair under my eaves was very sloppy. The paint application was quite uneven — there were innumerable areas the paint didn’t cover well or was missed altogether. The owner indicated that this had to do with the fact that I was using a slightly darker color than what was on the house, but it seemed like sheer carelessness to me. The workers were a rather sullen group, and seems to take little pride in what they were doing. They were somewhat rude when I approached them about the concerns I had – for example, painting right over old problems such as paint bubbling or rotting wood. In the end (after finishing the house in only two and a half days), they left me with empty paint cans, used rollers and soda containers to throw out — quite telling of their level of professionalism. Overall, the paint job is basically fine if you don’t look too closely, but I’m worried about how long it will last.

They were too busy to work me in their schedule.

The final price was higher than the estimate.

They charge me travel charges!


St Louis House Painting is the right choice for your interior and exterior painting projects!