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Manchester House Painting

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We are proud to be #1 in Manchester Mo for interior and exterior house painting.

FREE COLOR CONSULTATIONS for interior projects!



quality workmanship using premium products and most affordable pricing!


You should submit your sitemap.xml regularly to Search Engines

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St Louis House Painting not only does the best quality painting service at affordable pricing, but offers FREE SEO tips.


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Ellisville,Huntleigh,South County,Warson-Woods #1 House Painter!

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St Louis House Painting (314-520-4440) for interior or exterior home painting in Ellisville, Huntleigh, South County, and Warson-Woods.  Best Quality at the Best Pricing!

Please take the opportunity to see our painting website.

We offer the best quality by union trained painting professionals and because of their training we are able to be production painters who offer the very best possible pricing.


You hire us, you get us!  We do one quality job at a time!  We do it right first time and every time!

We are a locally owned reputable house painting contractor recommended by Angie’s list, BBB A+ rating, Service Magic investigated company, as well as a part of Paintingnetworx.

We only use quality products to give the best performance to insure that the paint job will last for many years and look as good years from now as it does when we finish.

“We love what we do and so will you!”


St Louis Painting the leader in Residential Painting

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Residential Painting

Saint Louis House Painting is the best residential painter in the Greater St Louis Area, when it comes to fresh or renewed painting. We pay attention to the details

Interior and Exterior Painting

We do everything needed from start to finish:

Set-Up. We cover everything that needs to be protected from dust and paint.

Prepare. The surfaces are all prepared with cracks repaired, holes filled, stains sealed, all so that your paint job looks perfect.

Paint. Surfaces are primed, if necessary, and then we use a premium high quality paint to ensure a smooth finish.

Clean. We know the job isn’t done until everything is cleaned up. You’d never be able to tell we were there if it wasn’t for the beautiful fresh paint!

Follow-up. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We welcome your feedback and will not consider the job finished until you are 100% satisfied.

Professional Color Advice

Interior. We can offer advice on selecting the right colors to highlight a particular detail in your home, to make a room seem bigger, or to make a bold statement.

Exterior. It can be a scary decision to make the right choice for the outside of your home. We can offer advice on the right colors for the style of your home and the neighborhood. We can help you so you don’t accidentally violate a code if you live in a historical district.

Customer Care

Free Estimates. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free written estimate within 24 hours. 

Budget. We are known for being the most affordable residential painter in the St Louis Area. Yet we never sacrifice quality, so you get the best of both worlds.

Time. Our team approach makes it possible for us to complete even big jobs quickly and on time. We know it can be inconvenient to have workers around your house, so we are in and out as quickly as possible.

Create Forms for your website! tip from St Louis House Painting

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St Louis House Painting #1 St Louis Area interior and exterior painting contractor.  Ballwin,Brentwood,Chesterfield,Clayton,Des Peres,Ladue,Manchester,St Louis,Wildwood


great site to create HTML to put FORMS in your web pages.

  • Account Information : Your Gratis account, is currently allowed 3 forms, 3 reports, and 100 monthly entries. If you would like to upgrade or change your settings, just head over to your account page.
  • Documentation : If you run into any trouble, start out by taking a look at  the documentation.

I created two buton links on my home page above the fold which now provide me with a “call to action”!


Recent Customer Compliments for St Louis Painting from

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Painting or Staining – Small Projects

by S.G. at Service Magic 5 Saint Louis Painting

We used Sonny’s service for much more than painting. Sonny did a great job and his prices were very reasonable, but this is not what makes Sonny deserve 5 stars. It is Sonny’s desire to help and go the extra mile. Giving excellent advise about areas for services he did not provide. Sonny looked at what we wanted to achieve and helped us in every way and offered us inexpensive solutions that we did not even know to ask for. Everybody on his team were polite and courteous.

on Service Magic



Drywall – Repair

by S.S. at Service Magic  Saint Louis Painting

Saint Louis painting did not stop the job until it was done right. Both Sonny and Jason were perfectionist. We will definitely hire them again to perform more work on our house.

on Service Magic



Exterior Home or Structure – Paint or Stain

by J.W. at Service Magic 5 Saint Louis Painting

Explained scope of work, how they would work within that scope, timeframe required, what they need of me. Extremely neat! Friendly workers. Excellent job. My neighbor is now using Saint Louis Painting to paint their home.

on Service Magic



Interior Home or Surfaces – Paint or Stain

by C.K. at Service Magic   Saint Louis Painting

Great service. Good pricing, professional, and even provided other home ideas. I am hiring them to do additional painting projects.

on Service Magic



Drywall – Repair

by J.P. at Service Magic 5 Saint Louis Painting

Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and full of good advice. I would recommend St. Louis Painting.


How insulating your home saves you home!

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St Louis House Painting offers tips for painting and other home improvements.  We are #1 in interior and exterior painting in the St Louis Area.

Heating and cooling your home accounts for about 50 percent to 70 percent of the energy used in your home. Unless your home was built as an energy-efficient home, adding insulation will probably reduce your utility bills. Even a small amount of insulation–if properly installed–can reduce energy costs dramatically.

You should insulate all areas of your home. Insulation priorities include your attic, including the attic access door, under floors above unheated basements or crawl spaces, and on the edges of concrete slabs. Your options for insulating existing walls are somewhat limited. However, if you are remodeling or residing your home, use the amounts of insulation recommended for new construction. Figure 1 shows you where to insulate and also contains the range of recommended R-values for each of those areas in your house. The R-value changes because of the type of heat you use and where you live. It also changes between new and existing homes. To find the recommended R-value for the area of the country you live in, contact your local electric company or gas company. You can also find the recommended R-value by zip code and heat source at the Department of Energy Web site,

It’s interesting to note that the greatest energy savings come from the first inch of insulation installed. You can add more insulation to increase your savings, but a small amount of insulation is almost a must for your home to be comfortable. Keep in mind that for insulation to work properly the air spaces in the insulation must be maintained. Packing too much insulation into an area will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.

Savings from wall insulation are almost equal to those you’ll get from ceiling insulation.

You can further increase your energy savings, up to 10 percent, by plugging any air leaks prior to insulating. Obvious air leaks can be found around doors, windows, fireplaces and chimneys. Some not-so-obvious air leaks can be found around electrical switches and outlets, pull-down attic stairs, pipes, and behind bathtub and shower stall units. These leaks are often much greater than the obvious ones. However, taking care of these leaks alone cannot do the job–you must also have insulation.

Sonny Landau


Hello world!

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Today is a step forward.  St Louis Home Painting has joined the many who have been using WordPress.

We hope you will learn from our blog and wish to subscribe to learn more about painting and SEO.

For interior and exterior painting in St Louis we are #1.